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An Effective Criminal Defense Calls For Meticulous Preparation

Many criminal cases in Missouri hinge on details, whether the defendant is facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Details can exonerate and set a defendant free, or they can heavily influence their conviction.

At Shipman & DeHardt, P.C., based in Lee’s Summit, our husband and wife team of criminal defense attorneys have decades of experience preparing cases for trial. We thoroughly review the evidence the prosecution has, examining their case for weaknesses or flaws. We believe all clients deserve to have their due process rights protected, and we mount a vigorous defense on their behalf.

We Explain Your Options And The Legal Process

Our attorneys are familiar with all aspects of the state’s criminal justice system. We explain how we see your case and what legal options have the best chance of succeeding. We strive to minimize the consequences of your charge, whether that means an acquittal, a dismissal of the case, or a reduced sentence or attendance at a treatment program in the place of a jail term.

Some of the cases we have represented include:

Our firm works with you to overcome any obstacles that you may encounter during your journey through the criminal justice system. We are tenacious and do not quit until our work for you is done.

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Freedom

Our firm fights for your freedom. To make an appointment, call (816) 287-1223 or contact us online.