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DUI/DWI Attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri

Facing DUI And DWI charges

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious criminal offense. Law enforcement takes these matters very seriously, and DUI/DWI laws in Missouri always seem to be increasing in severity. While drunk driving can cause serious problems on the road, drivers deserve second chances after being pulled over, arrested, or charged with a DUI. Many DUI clients we see at the law office of Shipman & DeHardt, PC are first-time offenders who exercised poor judgment. They should not be stuck with a lifetime of consequences because of one arrest.

You Deserve a Second Chance

Our attorneys’ job is to preserve and protect the rights of our clients in criminal defense proceedings. They work hard to give them every opportunity for a favorable outcome. In some cases, this means pursuing not guilty verdicts or case dismissals. In others, it means negotiating favorable agreements that reduce charges or sentences and give them an opportunity for rehabilitative programs.

We Will Fight for Your Rights


Experience in Court that Keeps You out Of Trouble

Our firm’s lawyers display a courtroom presence of preparedness, professionalism, and persuasiveness. Your case will be thoroughly investigated, and our attorneys will handle every stage of the process personally. Cases are never handed over to inexperienced legal support staff or associate attorneys. When you contact our office, you will speak to a seasoned attorney directly — someone who will remain committed to your case and your personal interests.

If you were charged with a DUI, do not give in and accept whatever the judge may hand down. Our attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and find creative strategies for keeping you out of trouble. This may include challenging police procedure, the reason for your traffic stop, the existence of probable cause, lawful search and seizure, and the use of breath or chemical tests.

Let Us Build a Defense Against Your DUI Charge

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