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Can I Resolve My Dispute Outside of Court?

Sometimes, life hands us a legal issue that we cannot avoid. No one looks forward to entering a legal battle; however, you must reach as favorable an outcome as possible.

If you need to resolve a legal issue and wish to avoid litigation, mediation or collaborative law may be the right choice for you. These two forms of negotiation allow one or more parties to privately solve their dispute in a manner that each party finds agreeable. The attorneys of Shipman & DeHardt, PC are experienced mediators and have a thorough understanding of collaborative law principles of problem resolution.

What Disputes Can Be Resolved Through Mediation or Collaborative Law?

There is a wide array of civil disputes that can be settled through negotiation, including:

Our firm also practices criminal defense. Although mediation and collaborative law do not come into play in the criminal justice system, our attorneys have years of experience negotiating favorable deals with the district attorney’s office on behalf of clients.

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What Are the Benefits of Mediation or Collaborative Law?

We often find that it is not necessary to proceed to court to resolve an issue. Mediation or collaboration has many advantages over litigation. For example:

  • Cost: Working privately with the other party usually costs much less money than a court battle.

  • Time: Trials tend to stretch for long periods, while mediation or collaboration generally takes less time.

  • Control: In a trial, a judge or jury issues the final decision. You have more control over a solution you reach privately.

  • Privacy: Court records are public, but the discussions in mediation or collaboration remain private.

  • Relationships: Cooperating with the other party helps relations remain amicable, whereas a trial is necessarily contentious.

Discuss how to Resolve Your Issue out of Court

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